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What to Expect 

Fierce Biotech Next Gen is a one-day virtual event covering the trends and forces shaping the future of biotech and pharma. Brought to you by the editors behind Fierce Biotech and Fierce Pharma, we’ll delve into the state of play for cell and gene therapies, the evolution of drug launch strategies, and much more.

Fierce Biotech Next Gen Featured Sessions


What will the next decade hold for cell and gene therapies?

A new wave of cell therapies and genetic medicines are revolutionizing how we treat and potentially cure certain diseases. While new therapies are gaining steam and starting to change patients’ lives, reimbursement and access challenges remain. Experts on this panel will discuss today’s challenges and what the future holds for potentially lifesaving gene editing tools and cell therapies.


The future of drug launches


Launching a new drug is far from straightforward, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to craft and execute a successful launch strategy. How are companies navigating the challenges and approaching launches differently? A panel of industry experts will dive into that question and share the latest winning strategies



The ABCs of ADCs: What's next?

Antibody-drug conjugates have been around for more than 20 years and there's now more than a dozen on the market worldwide. So why all of a sudden are Big Pharmas scrambling to strike new deals in the ADC space? Billions of dollars in licensing deals have been put on the line in the past year. This panel will dive into the new frontier of ADCs: where they are headed in the clinic—and whether they have a future beyond cancer.

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